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Reimagining Assessments and Student Feedback with Vidya's Question Libraries

Do assessments truly reflect a student’s capabilities? Most importantly, is the feedback provided, for these students, a true reflection of their potential?  Education should be a journey of exploration and discovery, one that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and individuality. Fortunately, we now have access to cutting-edge educational tools that can breathe new life into assessments and feedback processes. Gone are the days of waiting anxiously for grades and comments – this platform leverages technology to offer instantaneous insights into a student's performance.  Vidya's Question Libraries – an innovative platform that is revolutionising how assessments are designed and student feedback, in real-time, is delivered. One-size-fits-all assessments don't work anymore: Instructors can leverage Vidya's Question Library feature to offer a vast array of interactive and engaging questions that cater to different learning styles and cognitive abilities of different st

Intelligent assessment of classroom engagement by Vidya

  How many students do you have in your class? How many of them are present? Or let’s ask a deep question - how many of them are ‘mentally present’? Yes, think about how many of the students of your class are actually attentive to the lecture delivery? Let’s be honest that it can’t be 100%. Not every student is equally engaged as we believe them to be. But then, what is that actual percentage? Vidya answers it! Vidya Score is a unique feature offered that provides real-time analytics that provides insights into student performance during classroom engagement in Vidya.It aims to go beyond traditional assessment methods by capturing a holistic view of student engagement and understanding. This helps teachers in captivating classroom participation and not mere top scores. Importance for participation rather than just “right answers”…. By Vidya’s intelligence analytics, average engagement of a classroom gets recorded, this feature offered is a game-changer when it comes to creating studen

Vidya AI: Unlock the power of question generation

Prepare to be dazzled by Vidya! An efficient student engagement platform that has just unleashed its game-changing AI feature: The AI assisted question generator. Say goodbye to the old days of content generation… Vidya's AI question generator is an awe-inspiring game-changer. Watch in awe as this cutting-edge technology takes centre stage. Within seconds, a mesmerising array of tailor-made, engaging questions are ready to create an unforgettable classroom experience. Yes you read it right ! Just in a few clicks and in a few seconds get your questions generated. This powerful AI technology automates the question creation process, enabling teachers to save precious time and redirect their focus towards facilitating meaningful classroom interactions. Create, engage and share through question libraries: Create a repository of curated questions contributed by others in your organisation, and dive into a realm of collaborative excellence. Vidya recognizes the importance of team work amo