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How to effortlessly create classroom engagement?

Fostering student engagement and collaboration is paramount to creating an effective learning environment. Educators are constantly seeking innovative ways to encourage active participation and knowledge sharing among their colleagues.  Vidya has recently unveiled an exciting new feature that aims to revolutionise both student learning and teacher collaboration. As simple as creating and sharing a reel on instagram, our new feature allows you to create question libraries to share them with easily with your colleagues at work, opening up a world of possibilities.  What are Question Libraries in Vidya? Though Vidya encourages live engagement where you may not even need to add any question to create engagement, we understand that there might be days where a teacher may want to prepare thought provoking questions. A question library is a set of questions custom-made for a group of students in a class. So instead of creating them elsewhere (on hand-outs or digitally), why not use Vidya! Tha

Create a safe space for students who are 'not sure'

  As an instructor, you may often expect your students to have all the answers ready! You work on lesson plans, deliver a lecture and then ask questions, all with one thing on the mind. Helping the students learn and understand new concepts. But is it the case all the time? How many of your students actually don’t know the answer or are not sure?  What if, instead of expecting our students to know all the answers, we let them say “Not sure”? Why is it necessary? Allowing students to admit when they are not sure to answer is a powerful way to teach! Yes you heard it right! It can create an open and honest classroom culture, where the students need not feel embarrassed to seek help. This can let you know where they are struggling, and you can provide additional support and resources.  Creating an honest environment actually makes sure that everyone from the class feels included in all the important conversations. Also, when there is more participation the instructor feel

Can You Think On Your Feet?

  Have you ever been asked in a classroom “Who was the 2nd Man on moon?” Was this question related to the class content? Are you the one among those who hide their face and hope that the teacher doesn’t point at you? Well, you are not alone. Such are Impromptu questions, used by the instructors/teachers, to create engagement and foster a more active learning environment. puts light on not only the one who knows these answers but all the students attending the class. According to research, when teachers ask students open-ended questions that require critical thinking, it encourages students to participate and engage in the discussion. digitises this moment and makes the process interesting as well as informative. can also help teachers assess student comprehension and provide feedback in real-time. This can help teachers adjust their teaching strategies to better meet the needs of their students. Let’s explore how teachers asking impromptu questions in class

How Vidya engages adult learners?

  With the advent of technology, education has taken a more dynamic turn, with e-learning takes a center stage. However, the challenge has always been how to make these interfaces more engaging for adult learners who may or may not be accustomed to the digital medium. They could be university students, working professionals seeking to upskill, employees in corporate trainings, or individuals pursuing personal development goals. Adult learners often have unique needs and preferences when it comes to learning, and their learning style may be different from that of younger students. Enter Vidya , the real-time interface designed to engage adult learners. What is Vidya is a sophisticated platform that enables educators to ask real-time questions during any online/in-person lectures . The platform records and analyzes data on the student's engagement patterns in the lectures and generates learning graphs that can be used to provide personalized feedback, making it a powerful

3 Online learning Strategies to keep your learners engaged

  How do you define engagement?  Merriam Webster's dictionary defines ‘engagement’ as the act of engaging, the state of being engaged or, in simpler words- being ‘greatly interested.’ Your sessions are online, and you want your learners to stay focussed and engage in the class. But does the traditional disciplinary approach work? If the learners find the session boring, they tune into social media or just leave the class before you even finish saying Instagram!  This article is all about those little strategies that can help make all the difference. Let us make our learners sit on the edge of their seats like watching a Magic Show while interacting in your session.  “In a survey conducted among 3089 students from North American higher education students had who were into online learning, 78% of respondents saying online experiences were not engaging and 75% saying they missed face-to-face interactions with instructors and peers” (Source: Research from University of Californi