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Intelligent assessment of classroom engagement by Vidya


How many students do you have in your class? How many of them are present? Or let’s ask a deep question - how many of them are ‘mentally present’? Yes, think about how many of the students of your class are actually attentive to the lecture delivery?

Let’s be honest that it can’t be 100%. Not every student is equally engaged as we believe them to be. But then, what is that actual percentage?

Vidya answers it! Vidya Score is a unique feature offered that provides real-time analytics that provides insights into student performance during classroom engagement in Vidya.It aims to go beyond traditional assessment methods by capturing a holistic view of student engagement and understanding. This helps teachers in captivating classroom participation and not mere top scores.

Importance for participation rather than just “right answers”…. By Vidya’s intelligence analytics, average engagement of a classroom gets recorded, this feature offered is a game-changer when it comes to creating student participation,which later promotes student performance. Instead of solely focusing on right answers, this feature allows educators to measure the overall engagement levels of students during the session. Vidya’s Analytics Tour.. Vidya takes the concept of analytics to new heights, transforming it into an adventure-packed quest for knowledge. Buckle up and let's uncover the key features that make Vidya’s Score an analytics powerhouse: Vidya’s ‘average engagement’: Calculated by comparing the total number of questions posed during a selected period with the total number of responses received from students.This metric provides educators with an objective measure of the overall level of student engagement during that specific timeframe.

By analysing the ratio of questions to responses, educators can gain graphical insights into the active participation and involvement of students. Vidya’s ‘average attendance’: Vidya Score calculates the average attendance by averaging the attendance of each session throughout the selected period. This metric provides educators with a reliable measure of the average number of students present in class over time. Now, educators can assess student participation, identify attendance patterns, and make informed decisions to improve overall classroom engagement and student success.

Insights that are easy to read: Our google-like analytics keeps track of the sessions held during a selected period of time.

What can I do with the insights?

The benefits of Vidya Score extend far beyond the realm of traditional assessment methods. Let's unveil the superpowers:

Unleash Untapped Engagement: Vidya Score is a game-changer when it comes to boosting student participation. It records classroom insights, on which instructors can later work on. This helps them to transform the classrooms into a productive arena where students are eager to showcase their skills and earn top scores.
Personalised Feedback: Vidya Score provides educators with a cumulation of personalised insights. Armed with this information in hand, teachers can plan and strategize each student's learning journey and give personalised feedback.
Data-Powered Heroics: Vidya Score equips educators with superhuman data-driven abilities. Comprehensive reports and visualisations offer a panoramic view of classroom dynamics, allowing teachers to identify areas for improvement and fine-tune their teaching strategies.
Continual Quest for Mastery: Vidya Score fuels a never-ending quest for mastery. With the captured analytics in the course, educators can continuously assess student progress.
Anything that can be measured can be improved!
Vidya offers actionable insights to enhance learning. By monitoring participation and interaction patterns, educators gain valuable information to increase student engagement.

Analysing Vidya's reports enables educators to tailor their teaching methods, incorporating interactive activities or collaborative methods based on students' needs. This data-driven approach fosters improved engagement and academic performance.


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