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Vidya AI: Unlock the power of question generation

Prepare to be dazzled by Vidya! An efficient student engagement platform that has just unleashed its game-changing AI feature: The AI assisted question generator.

Say goodbye to the old days of content generation…

Vidya's AI question generator is an awe-inspiring game-changer. Watch in awe as this cutting-edge technology takes centre stage.

Within seconds, a mesmerising array of tailor-made, engaging questions are ready to create an unforgettable classroom experience.

Yes you read it right ! Just in a few clicks and in a few seconds get your questions generated.

This powerful AI technology automates the question creation process, enabling teachers to save precious time and redirect their focus towards facilitating meaningful classroom interactions.

Create, engage and share through question libraries:

Create a repository of curated questions contributed by others in your organisation, and dive into a realm of collaborative excellence. Vidya recognizes the importance of team work among educators within the same workplace.

Construct an awe-inspiring question repository, where ideas collide, expertise combines, and the collective brilliance of fellow instructors propelling you to new heights of educational greatness.

With this feature, teachers can collaboratively build extensive question repositories, ensuring a consistent and comprehensive question bank for all instructors. By pooling their expertise and sharing resources, educators can leverage the collective knowledge of their colleagues, enhancing the overall quality of questions and promoting a culture of collaboration within the educational institution.

Save valuable lesson planning time

One of the key benefits of this new tool is its ability to save precious time and effort in crafting engaging lesson content. Instead of spending hours coming up with questions, our question generator generates a customised set of questions as per your needs. The question library allows you to use the same set in different groups of a cohort. This leaves you with more time to focus on individualised instruction and connecting with your students on a deeper level.

Try Vidya AI today

As educational technology in schools and hybrid learning environments has rapidly increased, the thought of integrating AI in your classroom may seem like another steep learning curve for you and your students. However, Vidya AI has tried to bridge this gap and make it easy and effective.

The AI capabilities of Vidya enable educational institutions to standardise content delivery across multiple channels, ensuring a consistent learning experience for students. By harnessing the power of AI, Vidya is making classroom engagement more efficient, effective, and enjoyable.


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