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How to effortlessly create classroom engagement?

Fostering student engagement and collaboration is paramount to creating an effective learning environment. Educators are constantly seeking innovative ways to encourage active participation and knowledge sharing among their colleagues. 

Vidya has recently unveiled an exciting new feature that aims to revolutionise both student learning and teacher collaboration. As simple as creating and sharing a reel on instagram, our new feature allows you to create question libraries to share them with easily with your colleagues at work, opening up a world of possibilities. 

What are Question Libraries in Vidya?

Though Vidya encourages live engagement where you may not even need to add any question to create engagement, we understand that there might be days where a teacher may want to prepare thought provoking questions. A question library is a set of questions custom-made for a group of students in a class. So instead of creating them elsewhere (on hand-outs or digitally), why not use Vidya! That’s where all the action will eventually happen.

What’s more? The new feature enables question bank sharing and takes student engagement and teacher collaboration to new heights, educators can share their curated question banks with their colleagues, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and collaborative teaching practices within schools and institutions.

Digging deeper into this…

Let's delve into the details and explore how this new feature can transform your classroom experience.

  1. Expanding Your Question Repository: Creating diverse and engaging assessments is crucial for stimulating students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills. With the new question library feature, you gain access to an extensive library of carefully curated questions spanning various subjects and grade levels.


  1. Saving Time and Effort: Preparing high-quality assessments and classifying them on the basis of difficulty and diversity demands time and effort, often leaving teachers with limited resources to focus on other aspects of their teaching. 

The question library, with its tagging feature, classifies the prepared question accordingly and saves you precious time by providing pre-built assessments that are ready to use. Simply select the relevant questions from the library, organise them into a quiz or exam, and voila! You have a well-structured assessment without the hassle of starting from scratch. 

  1. Collaborative Learning Ecosystem: Learning thrives in an environment that promotes collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Our platform takes classroom engagement to the next level by introducing a powerful collaboration feature. Teachers can now collaborate and share question banks with their colleagues. 

The platform provides a seamless and user-friendly interface for creating, loading and sharing question banks, eliminating the need for cumbersome email exchanges or physical handouts.

Exchange assessment ideas, and pool resources to nurture a collaborative learning ecosystem within your institution. By leveraging the expertise of your peers, you'll amplify your teaching effectiveness.

  1. Customization and Flexibility: While the Question library offers an array of pre-built questions, we understand the importance of tailoring assessments to meet your specific teaching objectives. Our platform enables you to customise and edit questions to suit your classroom context. 

Modify existing questions, create your own unique prompts, and align assessments with your curriculum effortlessly. This level of flexibility ensures that your assessments align perfectly with your teaching goals while maintaining the benefits of a shared question bank.

  1. Analytics and Assessment Insights: Vidya’s in-bulit analytics not only evaluate student’s progress but also provide valuable insights into their learning journey. 

With this new feature, educators can now effortlessly add question banks to their library, significantly streamlining and increasing classroom engagement. Teachers can collaborate in real-time, adding new questions, or providing feedback on shared question banks. This streamlined collaboration process saves educators valuable time and effort, allowing them to focus more on instruction and student engagement. 


Altogether the new question bank features and the potential to share question banks with colleagues, Vidya has made significant advancements in collaborative teaching methods and student involvement. Through the platform's intuitive interface, teachers can easily select and work questions from shared question banks or load the pre-existing questions from the library.

This feature equips educators to produce engaging assessments and take advantage of the collective knowledge within their educational community by streamlining evaluation production, facilitating knowledge exchange, and encouraging effective collaboration. The future of student participation and collaborative teaching is more promising than ever thanks to Vidya's dedication to transforming education through cutting-edge technology.


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