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As the world adjusted to digital learning methods, there were fundamental changes in the interface and experience for educators and students. enables teachers and educators to create and collate engaging data in their live classes. Today, we’re excited to announce another significant step toward our vision of empowering the digital classrooms to engage and connect effortlessly while extracting deep insights about students and their personalized learning paths with the new Vidya app for

We are excited to use Vidya directly in Zoom as it simplifies the experience for everyone. My students no longer need to use a second device to answer questions on Vidya and it happens smoothly within Zoom now - Vibhor Saini, Physics Teacher @YSchool

Inject energy and encourage participation in every class

Some psychologists claim the typical student’s attention span is about 10 to 15 minutes. Educators must intercept and interact with students during the lecture. Vidya enables teachers to easily engage while collating data to generate future insights. Teachers make classes more fun and energetic with these timely interceptions from

Deliver engaging lectures directly from Zoom

Simplify the process of getting feedback during your lecture. Class engagement is crucial, and makes it simpler to engage with students. With the Zoom integration, teachers can directly use Vidya from the Zoom dashboard without changing screens. app is available on Zoom Desktop - 5.7.3 or later. Download the latest version of Zoom

What gets measured gets improved Class Intelligence Suite enables educators to measure and improve lecture effectiveness. Further, educators can identify topics or students that need attention, and extend pro-active support.

Apply for Early Access

Our Zoom App is in close beta right now. Click HERE to request access. 


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